LADIDA design provides design expertise to shipyards and naval architects since 2003.  From visionary and desirable foiler designs, to detailed sailboat designs, the team can manage design projects in their entirety. We know how to combine design feasibility, economy, weight and timing with consistency, elegance and desirability




3D Modelling I 3D Visualisation

  1. Concept design: sketches and 2D renderings for rapid visualisation and decision making
  2. Brand development: bench, trends and strategy
  3. Design development: exterior and interior 3D modelling integration of systems and structure
  4. 3D surfacing: sophisticated and detailed surfaces for milling
  5. Interiors: GA, furniture design, ambiance, lighting, CMF, trim design
  6. Sustainable design: material testing, weight saving, material library
  7. Plans: plans for production
  8. Graphics: logos, covering
  9. Visualisation: 3D Renderings and 3D dynamic animation

Boat Clients since 2003